Titania K

What Is This?

On Aug. 17, I am traveling to Ghana, Africa, where I will work with the National Volunteers of Ghana foundation for five weeks, writing for the Ghanaian Times. While there, I will use my journalistic prowess to help uncensor sex education throughout the continent by candidly writing about HIV prevention methods, in particular, condom usage. I will culminate my findings into a series of articles I will contribute to the Times and various other publications; the plan being to submit my stories for syndication to wire services, magazines and a variety of international mediums while I am in Ghana.

Dispelling safe sex myths is my main objective, but cases of corporate deceit, women’s issues, the state of low-income communities, environmental justice trials, local art scenes and engaging cultural trends won’t go overlooked. Hopefully, after thrusting myself into this high-pressure writing environment, I will gain the exposure, discipline and links I need to begin my journalism career, either abroad or in the US. 

  1. awesome to see your trip from over here! i hope you got some stripes for your story. your editor sounds like he can learn a lot. keep posting!

    • I asked the executive editor if he saw my story in the newspaper. He said yes. I asked him what he thought about it; did he like it.
      “I liked the picture,” he said. “The story – I didn’t read.” Burn!!! But that’s okay. During Monday’s meeting, the managing editor said the story should have gotten the front page. Score!!!

  2. I commend and admire you. You and your efforts are awesome-o. It is a privilege to know you. xoxox

    • You make my heart go thumpity-thump-thump-BOOM when you say things like that. Stop it! I’m trying to focus, thank you.

  3. You make me proud, girl!

  4. How’d you get this? Can anyone apply?

    • There’s a program that connects foreign journalists with newspapers in Ghana and other locales. I don’t recommend it though, and would advise all interested parties to simply call the editor of an overseas English-speaking newspaper, ask if you can contribute articles to their publication or if there is a job opening; then find a cheap guesthouse or hostel for lodgings, invest in an overpriced plane ticket and finally thrust yourself into a completely foreign culture. This method doesn’t include the overhead most overseas internship programs tack onto your trip, so it’s way cheaper and more comfortable.

  5. proud proud proud of you!! i love reading your stuff.

  6. Yo, Titania! Doin’ some great work over there, I’m really proud of you. Though I must say I look forward to the day you return to Oaktown and share yr. pictures and stories with me. Keep me updated.

    Justin Chapman

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